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AlphaResearch gives retail investors a level playing field with institutional investors with an affordable solution to quickly access insights from valuable unstructured texts so you can focus on alpha generation.

Faster time to alpha-generating ideas.


The next generation research platform

Better Research, Better Returns.

The research process has become extremely complicated and expensive during the past decade with multiple disconnected and expensive tools/terminals required for an analyst to make investment decisions. The sheer amount of unstructured texts has also grown exponentially in the past few years with new filings, reports, earnings call transcripts which waste your valuable time with the manual ctrl + F.

Our AI-powered search engine helps you find the exact information and insights in millions of documents within seconds. Our platform also provides a full range of features that you can find in traditional terminals so you do not need to switch context during your research process.

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Everything you need to make the next big investment.

Research with speed and confidence.

The need for speed and accuracy.

  • AI-powered search engine
  • Annotate documents to highlight what you think are important
  • NLP Analysis: tone change, sentiment analysis
  • Table Extraction: extract, export and visualize any tables inside any filings quickly
  • Note taking right inside the platform
  • Global fundamental and core financial data to avoid context switching
  • Visualize multiple data points across filings insights, core financial data and market data to better understand where the trend is going
Alpha Research - SEC Filings Search - Collaborate

Affordable yet Powerful.

Deliver more with less.

  • Commit to provide the most cost-effective solution to retail investors in the market.
  • Interactive and shareable note taking which helps you go back to the source with 1 click of a button
  • Real-time alerts on new filings, documents or even a new match for your search query
  • Stream and search company's news, and press releases in real-time


Ready to Outperform?

The most affordable, and comprehensive solution for your research team.

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